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April 4, 2012 | by Mounish | category Indian Handicrafts
“O chela jee re mari maate patan thi patola mongha lavjo!!” If you are a gujju, I am sure you sang this line and not just plainly read it!Gujarat is full of rich handicrafts , you can feel that smell of awesomeness in every nook and corner of the state. Today I will take you to the tour of Gujarat, O nah, I am not promoting Gujarat tourism #KhushbooGujaratKi. I just want you to know that how rich the traditional handicrafts of Gujarat are and how they can enchant you into their beauty.
So lets move on!!
Ever heard of Bandhani? I am sure many of you have, and many of you proudly wear it. Bandhani in English is called tie and dye. You might have seen many DIY tie and dye projects but no, Bandhani in Gujarat is a serious business. A handicraft! Gujarat produces the best Bandhani in India and it is exported all around the world. It is famous for the designs ,the super good quality of colours and its great combination with zari work. The most famous Bandhani outfit is the Indian wedding dress also known as “GharCholo”. Brides look divine carrying it off like a queen.
Lets move on from Bandhni to needle work, again which is world famous for its elegance and accuracy. Embroidery is as if in blood of a Gujarati girl. Now that times have changed not many pursue it further but such talent comes in heredity and Gujarat is proud of its heritage. There are brilliant designs  known as Pachhitpatis (embroidered frieze), Chaklas (embroidered square pieces), Abhala (mirror inset embroidery). All this has become a chic fashion and many modern fashion designers include these works in their garments. You can find girls donning lot of such traditional stuff teaming it up with jeans and capris too! Ah isn’t that quite an breath-taking fusion??
Not just needle work there is bead work, again its in the blood you see. It is a speciality from Khambhat and Saurashtra. Bead-works make  beautiful wall hangings and pots. Some experience artists can also make out of the world jewelry by this technique, and mind you it does not cost as much as those fashion biggies claim! ‘Kathis’ a tribe is super famous for their bead work.
And now from where I started, ‘mongha patola’ :) ‘Mongha’ means costly and patolas are basically a bit costly because they are handwoven. Think of 5 yards of hardwork! It has to cost something equivalent. Patan is a region most famous for patolas because of its geometrical shapes.
When we are talking about Gujarat how can we forget the shine, the bling factor, the dazzle, the Zari work!  Zari industry in Surat is very very very ancient, as ancient as the Mughal era. Zari means golden or sometimes silver embroidery. And believe me or not they use real silver in gold for the original work. Imagine the cost…. Names of various embroideries are Chalak, Tikki, Kangari, katori, Salama (Remember Kajol in K3G says Salma sitara wala suit pehnenge?.. if you don’t don’t stress your mind:))
Then there are furnishings, wood work, temple work and textile culture too.. Phew!! Too much to tell about this awesome stateGujarat :) :) We will surely go in details of other things sometime soon.. Till then ciao. Next time we will travel to some other state ,exploring the handicrafts we don’t know much about. Hope you will stay with us.