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Happy Guru Purnima

Happy Guru Purnima

July 3, 2012 | by Mounish | category Wish
Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu,
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha.
Guru Saakshat Para Brahma,
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha.
May guru’s blessings Always shower on you.
ArteeCraftee Team Wishis Every One A Very Happy Guru Purnima
Happy Guru Purnima

Pottery : The evergreen art

May 4, 2012 | by sneha | category Information
When I hear the word pottery the first picture in my mind is of a panihari walking at the panghat(water resource) and Krishna hitting it with a stone! Ah thats the beauty of mythology #BeingIndian, isn’t it? Well but as we talk about pottery there is a lot more than just the fun at panghat to it. Pottery is an art and it dates back to pre-historic period..well there is no date available and there is no way we can guess.
To make pots one needs the right clay, temperature and pressure and thats it. But to beautify it we need many other resources. Wheels to give shape, colour, decoration such as gold (oh yes gold!!!), silver or other metals and stones and glitter. Now, I am an artee and craftee persona and I don’t wanna sound nerdy but the clay of pottery contains silica and alumina and the properties (porosity, malleability, plasticity) of clay differ according to the cost and the needs. Now just like our life has different stages in mamma’s belly, then childhood, the making of you = adolescence and so on pottery also has to go through some stages to become strong these stages are greenware (raw and breakable), Leather hard (dried but still in making), Bone-dry (0% moisture) and then biscuit (the final product) and when it has to be extra strong there is one more stage called Glost fire.
Now lets try and make a pot! I have few choices here. I can either use my hand, a wheel, granulate pressuring, injection moulding, pressure casting or any of such method. Trust me I am not a potter and none of these methods are going to be easy for me. If I succeed in making a pot the next part is pretty cool. Decoration!! I can do some glazing, can give it some banding..remember the edges of the cups and saucers have a border line thats banding..,I can use some lithography to make prints on the pot or yes yes yes I can use some gold! (only if someone gives me some loan) Glazing is like applying a glossy layer on the pottery which is normally done using salt or ash.
Pottery is either earthenware, porcelain or stoneware. It all differs from region to region as well according to the availability of the clay. This helps the archaeologist to study the culture and to conclude a lot just out of the pottery. ( all I understand is if the pot has gold design someone very rich was its owner :D )
Lastly though I am the Eco-friendly nature ki rakshak (Saviour of nature) I like pottery and I understand that it is not very Eco-friendly : *cries like a baby* . Pottery has harmed nature since the ancient times but now as the methods have changed the harm is growing exponentially.. Hindi film moment *nahhhhhhiiiiiii*!! But in-spite of all the pollution and effects on workers, pottery is beautiful!

What is Handicraft ?

February 9, 2012 | by Mounish | category Information
Handicraft is a type of work where useful and decorative things are made completely by hand or by using only some simple tools. It is usually termed as traditional means of making goods. The handicraft products often have cultural and/or religious significance. Items made by mass production or machines are not handicraft goods.
Handicraft is also sometimes expressed as artisanic handicraft and sometimes also called artisanry. And it is a traditional main sector of craft. Handicraft is the art of creating products using raw and indigenous materials. It develops the skills and creative interests of person towards a particular craft or trade.Handicraft is distinguished from the Art and Crafts category is some manner, such as handicraft items are intended to be used, worn, etc., having a purpose beyond simple decoration. Handicraft goods are generally considered more traditional work. Where as Art and Crafts implies more of a hobby pursuit and a demonstration/perfection of a creative technique.

Handicrafts includes :

Assemblage, Beadwork, Bone carving, Cabinet making, Chip carving, Collage, Crochet, Embossed, Embroidery,
Gardening, Buffalo horn carving, Rhino horn carving, Knitting, Lathart, Marquetry, Metalwork, Mosaic, Needlework, Pottery and Ceramics, Pressed flower craft, Puppetry, Quilting – also reference Quilt and Art quilts, Saddlemaking, Scale model, Sewing, Shoemaking, Spinning, Stained glass, Wood burning, Wood carving, Woodturning, Woodworking.