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Rajasthan Art and Craft and Handicraft

April 23, 2012, by sneha, category Indian Handicrafts
After our tour of Gujarat the second stop is Rajasthan. A place to get royal experience, a tourist destination, land of food, traditions, art and craft and handicrafts. I remember as a kid I have bought n number of jooties (mojdis) because one design was just not enough. I have wandered in the streets admiring the bandhani, leheryas and the bangles made of lac and glass. Rajasthan art and craft. Today I will take you with me to through that memory lane!
Our first stop is a


(a place where you find awesome paintings): Rajasthan is famous for its beautiful, out of the world and unique style of painting. The miniature paintings date from somewhere near 16th century! The best ones are found in in havelis of the Shekhawati region and Kota and Bundi (my birth place)!!From paintings on the wall to puppets in hand, Rajasthan has it all. Puppets were ancient source of entertainment and they do not cease to amuse us even today. Katputlli ka khel is the thing which fascinates modern India just the way it did years ago.These Kutputlis have sparkling eyes, colorful clothes and the look is complete with proper footwear (detailing you see). This takes us to our next stop : Footwear , generally know as mojri or jooties. These are made of leather, sometimes camel skin and sometimes something else. The work on these jooties defines its price. A tip here: oil your jooties before wearing them or else you wont be anle to walk for too long.

In our wonderful jooties now we are walking on Kota stone and are about to see some awesome jewelry.

Bangles made of lac and glass are classics (take care, do not take them near fire or they will melt!) .. A line from a rajathani song says, “Bajabandhri loom lat uljhi uljhi jaaye, Mahri rakhri ra motida bekhrya bekhrya jaaye” :) Yes rakhri, bal, bajuband, gajra and gokhru are must haves for a jewlry lover!Now we will be walking in sky! Ever desired for those beautiful carpets which would fly? Well these do not actually fly but will give you a feeling that you are above the ground.

Now lets talk about some scented art, yes the sandalwood miniature statues are amazing and so is the terracotta – beautiful mostly reddish coloured glazed pottery with different designs.Last but the most stunning is the Blue Pottery. Flower pots, vases, bowls, water pots and other objects are produced in traditional geometrical and floral motifs, as well as hand-painted details of Rajasthani legends. It is made of crushed quartz instead of clay!
So after this little tour do you feel like sharing something about your culture? Please go ahead, tell us about you.. We are listening :) Cheers!!

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